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My original article lays some of the groundwork for this article. The first article proved that people’s behavior depends on the situation. Basically, they establish that egotist “behave prosocially only when reputational incentives encourage the behavior” and altruists “behave prosocially without significant regard for reputational incentives.” This new article focuses on how implicit bias, specifically anti-black biases, affect one’s giving. The original article is helpful in that it proves that the results of one’s social value orientation (SVO) inventory will strongly determine their decisions in the dictator games. Structurally, the studies are fairly similar, but the method in which behavior is tested is very different. Both studies strive to isolate differences within people that lead to different prosocial habits. In the original study, the researchers are testing the difference between altruist and egotist behavior, while the most recent study deals with implicit anti-black biases. Both of the studies require the participant to allocate resources in a way that either exhibits prosocial or proself behavior. The first study tests the difference between private and public interactions while the newer study pays attention to the different willingness to give based on the receiver’s race.

2) Describe how the author of your present article used your original article (the one you chose from the list of seven this semester) to motivate their research.

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