A Beautiful Mind Analysis

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The movie, A Beautiful Mind featured a schizophrenic man named John Nash. John was a successful mathematician; having transitioned from a graduate scholar to a lifetime in academia. Throughout the movie, John battled different symptoms of schizophrenia, including the following: positive symptoms, negative symptoms, and cognitive symptoms; of these symptoms, they can be further broken down to the underlying mechanisms. Schizophrenia was first recognized as a physiological disorder in the mid-nineteenth century; since then, then mental health fields understand of the disease and treatment methods have made hug improvements (Baldwin, 2016). Since this story was depicted through a film, certain deviations from the truth were evident, and thus, the movie contained both accurate and inaccurate depictions of the disorder. Along with the reality of schizophrenia, the movie told the story of how this mental disorder challenged John’s relationship with his wife, Alicia Lori; there was clearly an emotional toll on John and Alicia’s relationship. Similarly, to the Nash’s relationship struggles being evident throughout the film, so too were recurring messages about the mental health field; along with positive and negative stigmas related to mental health issues. The main character in ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ John Nash battled schizophrenia throughout his academic years; the topics of accurate vs inaccurate depictions of the disorder, the emotional toll on the Nash’s relationship,
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