A Biblical Concept Of Wealth Essay

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“In the Christian community today, there [is] more blindness, rationalization, and unclear thinking about money than anything else.” Money and possessions are an intriguing topic that happen to be the most discussed topic in the Bible, mentioned over twenty-three hundred times, and is an issue of life that is prevalent today as it has been over the past six-thousand years of mankind. Through this paper, I hope to establish a biblical concept of wealth, specifically regarding the areas of spending, debt, financial planning, and how a biblical perspective is superior to what culture condones and aspires for.
If you were to ask the average person if they believed whether or not money can buy one’s happiness, many would likely say no; but if you were to take a closer look at how they choose to spend their money, their purchases would say otherwise. Their purchases would likely say that money can instead buy you many things that make you happy, or at least temporarily. Our society condones the American dream to follow one’s desires because anyone who obtains any level of power, pleasure, and wealth is likely to also achieve a satisfying and successful life. “In a capitalist economy and a culture of consumerism and materialism, are we not bombarded with messages promising happiness through wealth and possessions? Aren’t we every day indoctrinated by advertisements promising bliss through the clothes we wear, the cell phones we buy, and even the beer we drink?”
What culture
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