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Sherlock Jr. is a black and white and silent movie released in 1924. Bister Keaton was responsible for direction and performance in the forty-nine minutes long movie. As the main protagonist, Keaton is a projectionist in a theater and also longing to be a detective. However, when he is framed by the local sheik at the home of the girl he likes, the naïve projectionist is unable to prove his innocence by evidences and leaves. Projecting the movie in the theater, he has a dream of arresting the annoying criminal, who makes him be a disgraceful person in the front of the family. On the other hand, in reality, the kind-hearted girl solves the problems and forgives the young man. The clip starts from 10:30 to 12:00, projecting the moment when …show more content…

The next shot records the facial expression of the local sheik, who steals the pocket watch from the old man, with a medium close-up from a slightly low angle. Then, the camera pans to the right a little bit when the villain walks to the back of the seated Sherlock, peeking the detective book. Apparently, the sheik worries that the young man book might discover his evil deed with the aid of the book. Following the sight of the man, the eye line match offers a close-up of the book that reveals the steps of being a detective to Sherlock. The next shot even further closes up with extra attention to the first step: “[r]ule 1: [s]earch [e]verybody”(Keaton, Sherlock Jr.). In the eighth shot, the camera refocuses on the two men with a medium shot, disclosing the secret movement of the villain, and Sherlock is still reading his tutorial book on the sofa. The camera slightly pans to the left as the villain walking to the curtain. In this ninth shot, a medium shot with a straight angle shows the viewers an overall circumstance in the room. At two side of the curtain, four members of the family are arguing on one side; the villain keeps his eyes on them silently, and Sherlock still watches his book. The tenth shot immediately returns to the face of the villain with a medium close-up from a slightly low angle and the music keeps speeding up gradually. After sneaking a peek at Sherlock, a title card describes the suggestion of

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