A Brief Biography of Antonio Vivaldi

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Introduction Vivaldi is one of the most well-known composer and conductor in the baroque period. A search about his life time has been conducted in this research paper. Although he was forgotten for a couple of years, his most famous music piece ‘The Four Seasons’ is still played to this date. The Four Seasons will be analyzed by dividing it into its four different sonnets

Vivaldi’s Life Antonio Vivaldi was a baroque musician born in Venice to a father that was a violinist. His father was his only important teacher, and they sometimes played the violin together in church. Antonio was born into a large family. He had four brothers and four sisters. He was taught to play the violin at a young age with his father who then took him on a playing tour in Venice. When he was fifteen, he began studying to become a priest. He became a priest in 1703. Vivaldi was known as “the red priest” due to his bright red hair. Kings and princes knew him and he was asked to play for them. He was a violin teacher, composer, and conductor for most of his life at the music school of Pieta, when he was 25, an orphanage for girls in Venice. He also wrote for Venetian opera houses. He is best known for his 450 or more concerti grossi and solo concertos although he has composed operas and church music. He had a suffered from a medical problem called tightening of the chest, or as we may know it the asthma. However, his sickness did not prevent him from pursuing his passion in music. He died in 1741

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