A Brief Look at Confucius

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Confucius faced a lot of troubles during his time, mainly from his unpopularity with the feudal leaders of China – way back when China was still divided by states. Although Confucius is considered to be the greatest teachers today, he considered himself a failure since he never attained a significant role in the government or be an adviser to a leader who would listen to him in his life time. Confucius would never know how his ideology greatly influenced a lot of people, and systems – not only in China, but to several parts of the world, as well.
“Confucius being born of lower nobility” (Murphey ??) contributed to his failure as a politician since he was not born into power. During his time, the family you belonged to, and the people know, would determine what positions you would hold in power. Bureaucracy was the system of the government at the time and that meant people born into powerful families were more often the ones who get to hold the higher positions in the government. Confucius being born of a lower class of nobility would hinder him from making drastic changes in the way the government was being ran. However, this did not stop the determined him from travelling to many states and find the right students to teach, as well as finding feudal lords who would listen to him.
However, it was not a simple task to convince the leaders of his time, the ideas he had on ruling. One of the main reasons that Confucius failed to gain the support of the leaders during his time

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