A Brief Note On Burns And Its Effects On Victims

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Definition and pathogenesis Burns are regarded as one of the most hazardous occupational and house hold risks. They cause a catastrophic influence and impact on victims. The impact and effects of burns ranges from mild to severe, while as the primary influence and effects of burns, occur in terms such as suffering, disability, financial loss and death of victims. According to the Royal children’s Hospital (2016), minor burns are the most sustained types of burns and in most instances, they occur as a result of household activities. Occupational and work related burns account for all serious burns witnessed within a local healthcare district. Cleland (2012) states that people of all ages and occupations are susceptible to burns. However, women and children are most susceptible to minor burns. Minor burns are also described as superficial or first degree burns. They damage the superficial lay of the skin making the burnt area turn red and significantly painful. Blisters are likely to occur in case first aid services are not adequately or timely offered. They are mainly brought about by contact with hot fluids, objects, corrosive chemicals, exposure to scotching sun rays, steam and hot furnace surfaces. The causes of burns and scalds are varied and ranges from hold fluids, chemical burns, electrical burns, excessive scotch from the sun, and contact with hot surfaces. In most instances, minor burns are mild and do not require medical treatment (Hudspith & Rayatt, 2014).

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