A Brief Note On Drug Abuse And The Way Tax Money

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What is resilience? Resilience is what gives everyone the advantage mentally and emotionally to handle difficulties. Also, it’s what brings them back to normal from those dramatic situations. America society is full of situations that require resilience or a lack of resilience, for example, Drug abuse and the way tax money is being used. At this point, I could say that drug abuse is in the process of bringing our country down, it would take hard work to get back up. On the other hand, taxes can be more successful. Kelly states, “How resilient are you? In a blackout, would you be outside, complaining good-naturedly with your neighbors, or would you be sitting in the house moaning about how bad things always seem to happen to you?” (225). This makes me realize how there’s people that would complain and do nothing for their rights, instead of fighting for them.
Drug Abuse is one of many issues America has as a society, and it’s horrible as well as unbelievable how drug abuse is becoming so popular in our society. There is thousands and thousands of people that are addicted to drugs (prescriptions, over the counter drugs, alcohol, tobacco marijuana, cocaine, morphine etc.) and its taking over our country. These drug abusers can be caused by, stress, depressions, or family problems or situations. Reducing drugs could be a good start.
This drug addiction makes those who consume it, forget their morals, that’s why there’s so many bad things like accidents happening and that needs
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