A Brief Note On Human Value Through The Effect Of Globalization On Coal

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Kyra Li
Professor Chappelow
WRIT 150
2 February 2017
Demoralization of Human Value through the Effect of Globalization on Coal In the city of Los Angeles, it is rather easy to turn on the light or charge a laptop. I never thought much about where this energy and electricity come from, because they can all come from a simple action like flipping a switch. These little movements became my daily habits, as I need the light and the charger. Coal is an important supply for fuel, power generation and steel production. Everything it fabricates goes into our daily life— big and small. The charger and light are small examples. Globalization is the big example. Globalizing forces like modern transportation and transaction technology allow the coal …show more content…

The new transaction method helps with the rise of the coal industry. In the past, recording banking and financial activities of different countries could be difficult, but with new technology these activities can be done easily and efficiently. Besides new technology that allows for quicker transactions and calculations, new systems also quickens the process of trade. For instance, letter of credit can be issued quickly. It can be delivered based of with export contract and the bank can give a guaranteed payment to the exporter till the transaction goes through upon delivery. This is beneficial, as the international delivery of coal can take more than a week with long distance (Rodrigue). The laws and regulations for coal transaction are also less strict due to the economic benefit coal production brings to many countries. The decrease of transactional cost further decreases price for coal and increases demand for coal. The transport and transaction sector made international connection possible and made the coal industry flourish. The increase of consumption of coal brings convenience to the vibrant world. Coal exerts great influence on globalizing force like the transport sector. Looking at transportation mediums like cars and airplanes, they run because of fuel. Many people think that fuel comes from gasoline, which is true, but the liquid fuel coal is also used in airplanes and cars. The liquid fuel combines with natural gas and creates

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