A Brief Note On Hungarian And East German Revolts

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Matt Gilbert Professor Baracco 2015 July 26 History 2520 Hungarian and East German Revolts – A Comparison Two of the most significant uprisings in the Cold War era were the East German Uprising of 1953 and three years later the Hungarian Uprising in 1956 and while both had similar outcomes, the two uprising events had interesting similarities, but the response from the United Sates differed because of the complicated situations. While we know that both East Germany and Hungary revolted against it 's Soviet-occupied governments and both revolts unfortunately turned out with the Soviets regaining control, but where was the United States response? Wasn 't the United States supposed to respond to communists threats to countries …show more content…

(U.S. Department of State) Many citizens were moving out of Berlin headed towards the west and the work quotas were still in effect which was bringing the situation close to the boiling point. Workers of all kinds started to protest and took to the streets. Citizens started demonstrations like taking down their flag with the hammer and sickle to convey the message that they want the Soviets out of their country while at the same time government control was fading. Four Russian tanks then rolled onto the city streets to show that they are in control and scare the protesters into leaving. The first shots were fired, and chaos ensued and the protesters dispersed, and forty people were killed and thousands were arrested as a result. (The East German People 's Uprising) Similarly, the Hungarian uprising began on October 23rd 1956, citizens took to the streets to convey their message that the secret police disbanded, Soviet troops returned home and most importantly free speech. Protesters took the Hungarian flag with the communist emblem and cut out the middle, similar to the people of East Germany ripping the communist flag down from their flag poles. Soon after, Hungarians armed themselves to prepare to push out the Soviets. “Armed civilians had prevented Soviet tank reinforcements from entering Budapest. The Hungarians had equipped themselves with Molotov cocktails, rifles, machine guns and enthusiasm.” (Hungarian Revolt 1956). Ordinary Hungarian citizens

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