A Brief Note On Michigan 's Lower Peninsula

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Watermarks Essay Michigan has a pretty unique shape compared to other states, and it has a very large water supply with the Great Lakes surrounding it. Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten, and its Upper Peninsula is shaped like your hand being held out to shake someone else’s hand with your thumb and pinky extended outward. These shapes are the reason people will reference their hands if you as a Michigander where they’re from. To clarify what Michigan looks like here is a picture. 1. 2. Photo 1 taken from: Photo 2 taken from: If you’re wondering how Michigan …show more content…

Some of Earth’s most beautiful landmarks were formed by erosion. Many beautiful places in Michigan wouldn’t exist if water hadn’t shaped the land. For thousands of years Michigan’s lands have changed with water and they still change with water today, so let’s look at some facts. Water can either shape the land with weathering, erosion, or deposition. “What are these things?” you ask, well they’re part of the result caused by the water cycle. The water cycle is all about how water evaporates leaving Earth and entering the atmosphere only to be cooled down, condensed, and fall back to Earth as precipitation. Here is an example of what the water cycle looks like. Picture taken from: Weathering is when the Earth’s surface rocks and minerals are broken down and dissolved. It can be caused by water, ice, acids, salt, plants, animals, and temperature changes. Weathering can be helpful by smoothing out rough areas of rock, creating soil by mixing tiny rock bits with remains from plants and animals. Weathering works with erosion to break down the earth’s surfaces. Erosion shapes the land by water, wind, or ice (usually glaciers) wearing down and removing weathered soil and rock from one location, by carrying and depositing it at another location. Rain carries away spots of soil and slowly washes away fragments of

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