A Brief Note On Non Truths Of Medicine

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Non-Truths of Medicine
Would you want to know if your doctor or physician wasn 't being completely honest with you? Surprisingly, in 1961, only 10% of physicians believed that they should inform a patient when they had a terminal illness. By 1979, 97% felt that it was necessary to disclose all known medical information to their patients. Though, this doesn 't prove to be accurate in today 's times. Although 79% of people interviewed on a phone survey said they trust their doctors fully, one- third of physicians agree that they do not need to let their patients know of serious medical errors and two-fifths of doctors did not agree that they should share their relationships with drug companies with their patients. There are several other cases of doctors lying to their patients. It almost seems like a trend. While healthcare is advancing in many ways, the moral aspect of the business is not.
What reasons do doctors have to not tell you the truth? There are plenty. The most common being that they are scared of the reaction they will get. A diagnosis of heart disease or cancer is definitely hard to break to an already anxious patient “I remember being in medical school years ago and being distinctly told that when a person has lung cancer, never tell them they have lung cancer,” says oncologist, Peter Dixon. Dr. Thomas J. Smith writes, “Oncologists are known to answer questions indirectly, give incomplete information about the burden or benefit of treatment, and avoid ‘imminent…
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