A Brief Note On Peer And Peer ( P2p ) Network

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In the event that a user decides to leave the network the referencing nodes will all be sent a message stating that the node is leaving or has left which will then cause the referenced nodes to find the nearest node to it and replace it with that node. This is very much similar to a node that crashes, however the main difference is that no message is ever sent to alert the referencing nodes to notify that the routing table has been compromised by the nodes disappearance. It is because of this possible scenario that the reference node will periodically send a messages to the nodes that they reference to make sure that they are still there. This proactive measure is a good way to avoid any issues that could arise later on. (Peer-to-peer(p2p) Networks - basic Algorithms). Improvements Joining a Peer-to-peer (p2p) network can be exciting, opening up an entire new world of shared data and joining a large community who work together to strengthen the network. Though it is exciting, there are many risks that come along with joining one and it is very important to learn what users can do to stay secure. There are several precautionary steps we as users can carry-out to better protect our-selves and not rely as much on the developers. When a p2p network is being developed, there are issues that the developers must be aware of such as traffic control. The traffic on a p2p network is very unpredictable and can change rapidly at any moment. There could be a sudden flash of users
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