A Brief Note On The Issue Of Plastic Pollution

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Plastic Pollution has been affecting us ever since plastic has been invented. It has been affecting mostly our oceans. Plastic has been killing thousands and thousands of sea creatures, How, you may ask. There’s many different ways that plastic has been killing our sea creatures. We as human being have been killing animals for a long time and the fact that there’s something else killing our sea creatures. There isn’t many ways to solve it. Its like trying to find a solution to global warming. Obviously, there isn’t any solutions for the pollution in the ocean. We live off plastic. Everything that we own is made out of plastic. If you think about recycling, well recycling does not make any differences to the world nor our…show more content…
Some get choked and since these creatures don’t have hands, they’re unable to take the piece of plastic off. The pieces of plastic are either fishing ropes or nets that are made from plastic or those plastic ropes that you use for the cans of sodas. Many people don’t know that we are affecting the ocean. Some states ban littering, but they don’t ban littering in the oceans, which in this case, causes the ocean to pollute and kills thousands and thousands of sea creatures. Plastic is a man made chemical that has been invented in 1907. Back then, plastic did not have a lot of harsh chemicals and in this time, no one really littered. It wasn’t till around the 1950’s where everything began to change. During this time, thats when people began to litter and when they decided to put harsh chemicals in the plastic. It wasn’t till later in the year where people began to litter in the environment as well as in the ocean. Now, you can find a lot of plastic items that have been around in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc. Plastic does not go away. It stay forever. You think that it goes away, but in reality, it doesn’t go away at all. There has been toys that have been found in the ocean as well as bottles that have letters inside of them. All this time, people have been fooled thinking that plastic goes away, but it never does. It stays in our environment for a very long time. Recycling has no point to it. Either way, when you recycle, the

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