A Brief Note On The National Priorities Partnership

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NPP - National Priorities Partnership This is a group of 50 major national organizations which are directed to safe, affordable, reliable, equitable healthcare system in US with a mission oriented to achieve such vision with the help of coordinated and collaborative action plan. NPP focus is to ensure patients receive comprehensive, well-coordinated level of care at all the hospital settings. [18] OCR – Optical Character Recognition Optical character recognition is the method or process of detection and translation of the printed or written document into an electronic data document and is usually used in data processing systems. Such recognitions requires definite hardware and software tools which can translate the data. [19] PHI -…show more content…
Also, PSO activities include identification, assessment, analyzing the risks associated with the delivery of medical health care. [21] CLIA - Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments This is a federal regulatory standards organization that apply all clinical laboratory research testing directed on the humans in United States. [4] EMTALA - Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act This act enables that any emergency services directed to the facility should be performed irrespective of payment capability or delaying treatment procedures for obtaining the insurance information are considered unlawful and are obliged for penalizations. Emergency services should be provided by qualified emergency surgeon with qualified personnel. [12] CHIPS – Children 's Health Insurance Program A federal government social program where health coverage for children are provided with the aid of state and federal governments. [12] HBP- Hospital-Based Physician Hospital based physician should be a specialist in either following clinical specialties which include anesthesiology, radiology, pathology, emergency medicine, or hospitalist and should provide 90% of services in either inpatient, outpatient or emergency department which is stated by CMS. [22] EMR - Electronic Medical Record It is a patient record that the provider maintains which is in electronic format rather than the conventional paper based format providing the detailed patient history
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