A Brief Note On The Punic Wars And Rome

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Punic Wars
The three Punic Wars were between ancient Carthage and Rome and took place over almost a century. The wars began in 264 B.C. and ended in 146 B.C. with the destruction of Carthage (History.com Staff). At the time the war broke out, Carthage was the world’s leading maritime power in the Mediterranean and Rome was the dominant power in the Italian Peninsula (History.com Staff).
In the First Punic War, Rome defeated the Carthaginians at sea and Sicily became Rome’s first overseas province (History.com Staff). This First War ended with Rome in control of Sicily and Corsica resulting in the Roman Empire’s rise to a naval power in addition to land power (History.com Staff). While the Carthaginian general Hannibal scored several victories in the Second Punic War, he was defeated by Rome’s Scipio Africanus in 202 B.C. Rome gained control of the western Mediterranean and Spain and left Carthage to only retain its territory in North Africa (History.com Staff).
The most controversial of the three wars between Rome and Carthage was the Third Punic War, which turned Africa into another province of the Roman Empire. By the end of the Punic Wars, the Roman Empire stretched from Spain to the border between Greece and what is now Turkey (History.com Staff). The training, navy and wealth provided to Rome from the Punic Wars, allowed this once small city to emerge as the Roman Empire…

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