A Brief Note On The War On Drugs

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Rachael Radvansky
Sociology 101
War on Drugs
February 28, 2017 The War on Drugs can be a very controversial topic to different people around the world. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I fully respect that. Some people say that the War on Drugs is a waste of time and money while others are very concerned about the different drugs that are coming into the United States. It still amazes me that people are continuing to take/do drugs when they see and hear about how many people have overdosed because the drugs are laced with something. According to “The Hidden Dangers of Laced Drugs”, there are two ways to alter drugs. The first way is called cutting. “Cutting is mixing a separate chemical or substance to stretch the drug, …show more content…

For the government helping drug addicts recover, I don’t think that they should. They made the decision to try the drug, they became addicted so they should have to pay for help if they want it. on the flip side, how many drugs addicts get clean and then hit a rough patch then gets addicted again, it would not help the situation, it would only make it worse. The hardest drug to fight I think would be marijuana. Marijuana has been around for years and many states have made it legal for either recreational use, or medicinal use. This topic can cause major outbursts, but in the end there are not many harmful side effects. For example, antibiotics have multiple long term side effects while marijuana has been used to help people with medical conditions. Think back to how many prescriptions used to be illegal until they found that it helps an illness so they made it legal. I believe that making marijuana legal would be a huge advancement for the government. They could tax the product and start to get out of debt. As a group, we discussed the history of the War on Drugs, what drugs were being “faught” but specifically how it all started. According to the history, another group member discussed the importance of Richard M. Nixon and his perspective about the war on drugs. Also, the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in the United States, specifically to help get out of debt. How race and drugs went hand-in-hand as well as

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