A Career in the Construction Industry

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Today is the day you'll find out that I would want to pursue a career in construction in the soon to come future. After researching, I came to realize that construction working could suit me job-wise in the future. No matter how risky being a construction worker may be, I know I could find closure doing the job, just knowing the things I will break down will soon be built back up in a better condition for whoever may reside there.
To become a construction worker in the future, this website I found informed that I'd have to work full time and execute a lot of physically demanding work, meaning I'll be working all from the morning to the whole entire day into the night and most likely be very physically tired.
It's not like you'll be stuck in a cubicle in the same office every day, because you won't. There is always a new work site to go to. The same website also states the majority of construction workers learn their trade through short-term on-the-job training, and no specific education requirements for the job are needed. The website also spared some things about license, and certifications stating that laborers who remove hazardous materials like hazardous material, must have a federal hazardous material license required for all hazardous materials removal workers, depending on the work, laborers might need to have specific certifications, and certifications can really help workers prove that they have knowledge to perform the more complex tasks.
The website talked about

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