A Comparison Of George Orwells And Dorian's Reality

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Comparison of Winston’s and Dorian’s Reality Everyday people wake up in their own homes and act themselves and do what they need to do to get ready for the day, and people put on their social masks as they enter into everyday society. In the novel 1984, written by George Orwell, the overall idea of the book revolves around the fact that everyone portrays a front and never actually displays who they really are for fear of death; moreover, in the novel Picture of Dorian Gray, shares similar characteristics on how people portray a face different from what they show in public. Continually, the idea of social masks and identity can be seen through the manipulation of previous events and how they shape the mindset of people with how they act; …show more content…

The curves of your lips rewrite history.” (Wilde 54). The emphasis on how the person who rewrites history is the one who is described as elegant and said to me made of ivory and gold. This portrays an out-and-out in how the rich and powerful, or those who are made of ivory and gold are able to rewrite history. Through this ability to control the past, Big Brother is able to command how Winson and others act socially like the restriction on facial expression and putting laws in place to even control how people think. They are able to do this because of how they have painted the past and how it shows them as a powerful organization that cannot be challenged, and just as in The Picture of Dorian Gray they have no choice but to follow directions and put on their social masks. Continually, the adoption of constant social masks that are worn by those in the novel 1984 and the lack of identity that they all face can be accounted from the propaganda that is always present in daily life. Moreover, the propaganda that is being produced is just factually wrong from what we know in the real world. As Winston describes how the saying “ War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.” (Orwell 34). This slogan was plastered everywhere and on everything you looked at as

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