A Comparison OfLong Live The King In Disney's The Lion King?

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Whenever I have read any of Shakespeare’s works, I tend to get lost in what is being said, because of the strange way the English language was spoken in this period. If I were to have understood the English of his time, perhaps his works wouldn’t be as difficult to comprehend with the use of complex vocabulary. Plus, his plays where just that, plays, so they don’t provide the most detail like other literature pieces, since these were to be acted out. Although, once you sit down and critically analyze what is being said, you have an enjoyable tale, along with hidden innuendoes that Shakespeare left behind in many of his plays. Not to mention, I enjoyed the parallels to Disney’s The Lion King, so in a way I knew the plot outline, but it was fun reading the line, “Long live the king!,” and thinking about Scar dropping Mufasa (p. 2629). Unlike the Disney adaptation, however, this play displays that none of the main characters are safe from Shakespeare’s signature trait for his tragedies, as they meet their demise at the end, but Hamlet did exact his revenge before sub-coming to the poison.
Throughout the play, there are numerous occasions where it appears that Hamlet has lost his mind, mainly due to the loss of his father. However, within the play there is much evidence that he had falsified his outbursts of madness, to allow him to through off his traitorous uncle along with the rest of the castle. Polonius had detected this early on when speaking to Hamlet alone,

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