Essay A Comparison of Christmas in America and Spain

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Ah Christmas, it is said to be the most wonderful time of the year. In the United States Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, spending time with your family, and in most Christian families, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is hands-down the most highly commercialized holiday celebrated by Americans. In fact, according to CBS news, the average American will spend $700 on gifts this holiday season, totaling for a whopping $465 billion spent nation-wide. From mall Santas as far as the eye can see, to hearing Christmas music in every retail store you enter. Christmas is a time of high spirits and high spending in the U.S. What about other countries though? Is the Christmas season all about giving and receiving …show more content…

Therefore, she did not require the purification process of baptism. This holiday is usually celebrated by Holy Mass, parades, fireworks, processions, ethnic foods, and Spanish cultural festivities. This day is also generally considered a “family day” to be spent at home with your loved ones. The Day of Innocent Saints is a holiday very similar to that of April Fools Day in America. On the Day of Innocent Saints people try to trick each other into believing preposterous jokes or stories. Newspapers and TV stations also run phony broadcasts. This celebration gets its name from a biblical narrative in which Herod the Great (the Roman King of the Jews) ordered the execution of all young male children in the vicinity of Bethlehem to avoid the loss of his throne to the newborn Jesus, whose birth had been announced to him by the Magi. Roman Catholic families may also have a feast in which the youngest child picks the food to commemorate this biblical story. Nochebuena is celebrated by a traditional dinner with family and friends occurring after Christmas Mass. It is common tradition to begin this meal with a seafood dish followed by a bowl of homemade soup. This meal is traditionally followed by eating a desert of turron, which is a type of almond candy. Navidad is celebrated by attending church, and having feasts. A unique Spanish tradition is that there are special swing sets put up especially for Navidad. Children commonly swing on these for hours at a time

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