A Conspiracy in Politics

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Politics is much more than agendas these days. It is a game involving intricate strategies and manoeuvres to outsmart the others. Big games are played in today’s political arena and these big games are limited to the big player only. No matter how loyally or how long a person serves, the game plan is limited only to the highest tier of the parties or maybe even less. The best and the trickiest of games are played with a lot of confidentiality to ensure its success.
Politics, mind you, is not a child’s play. Politicians are extremely smart people. By using the word smart, I don’t put them into the category of Einstiens or Newtons. What I am trying to convey is that they are very observant and capable of noticing the smallest of opportunities. They plan with vision and over time it pays off.
In the light of the present situation, I may sound a complete fool for what I have just said. Had politicians been so smart and so thoughtful in their strategies then why can’t the Indian National Congress see the very evident inefficiency of Mr. Rahul Gandhi? He has become a subject of numerous jokes on the social media and his incompetency has come to the fore over the years. It is very clear that Rahul has failed miserably to connect to the people. On the other hand, there is Modi, a magnetic personality with great oration skills. More importantly he has Gujarat to show for his achievements. Is the Congress so naive to neglect it and go about doing nothing at all?
It must have

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