A Country Using A Central Government

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Running a country using a central government has always been a topic of debate.

How do a handful of people govern the free will of millions of others? The details of the

word “govern” used in the previous statement have evolved into a seemingly endless

quantity of laws, acts, policies, taxes, rules, parties, and on goes the list. Though

government is growing evermore punctilious in it’s outward appearance, these

meticulously crafted “rules” or “guidelines” are the tools used by the government to

promote the well being of the nation. Whether or not these tools are used effectively and

frequently enough is a question that arises many different responses, often differing

vastly. Personally, I believe the government does well in some aspects of the well being

of our country but not so well in others.

At the very basis of the federal government’s involvement in privacy lie the

Fourth and Fifth Amendments. The fourth amendment was composed with one sole

purpose: to guarantee security in one’s rightful domain. So long as a citizen is law

abiding, this amendment provides legal privacy of their property. The Fifth Amendment

guarantees that private property shall not be taken for use of the public, without just

compensation. In regards to private property, these two Constitutional Amendments

create a crude yet stout foundation to protect one’s property. The Federal Government

enforces these amendments through “the due process”; typically meaning the

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