A Cream Cracker Under the Settee

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How does Alan Bennett create a character that it both comical and sad? Explain why he wrote this monologue.
‘A Cream Cracker under the Settee’ is a monologue of a character named Doris, who is in her 70’s and is coming to the end of her life. She fell whilst cleaning a picture of her and her deceased husband Wilfred on their wedding day, in her living room where most of the play is set.
The writer Alan Bennett , reveals allot about old aged pensioners through Doris, She portrays the typical old lady, who uses speech that we wouldn’t normally use in this day and age. Many old people have petty concerns that they obsess over; Doris’s petty concerns are cleanliness and hygiene which in most ways makes the audience laugh throughout the play. …show more content…

What really does get on Doris’s nerves is the way that Doris leaves the gate open when she leaves, so that all day she can hear the alarming echo of the crashing gate which makes Doris’s ears quake. Being as the gate is open makes it seem like nobody is home, which invites small irritating children to use her garden as a toilet. When this happens Doris gets very mad because she can’t get up and tell them to get lost.
Doris is very `judgemental` towards Zulema. She sees her as an arrogant controlling cleaner, who can’t clean for her life. Doris thinks that she doesn’t need Zulema there at all, that she can look after herself, she can cope perfectly well on her own even though she knows it is a lie. Zulema is constantly telling Doris’s that her next and last home will be Stafford house and “I am the only person who stands between you and Stafford house” and follows “Zulema how is she coping? Wouldn’t she be better off in Stafford house?” which also frightens Doris into being tough. Zulema bosses Doris about allot, tells her what to do all the time for example, “Doris, the ewbank is out of bounds” “You don’t have to clean the bath. Let the dirt wait. It won’t kill you”.
Doris is allot older than Zulema and feels like she should have earned some respect because of her age and her past experiences, also

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