A Creative Story : A Story Of A Narrative Story

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“Why did I do it? I could have avoided this whole situation!” Sushi cried. As she strugglingly swam away from the shark, however, I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? It all started one sunny saturday morning, in the coral reef of the Caribbean Sea. Sushi, a gorgeous orange and white striped clownfish, wanted to hang out with her friends, Bubbles and Shadow. “Mom! Dad! Can Bubbles and Shadow come sleep over tonight?” Sushi yelled from her room. “Sure.” Mom replied. “Thank you!” Sushi yelled excitingly. Sushi swam around her room in excitement. Whenever her mom said yes to her friends coming over it made Sushi feel spectacular. Why? You might ask, Shadow and Bubbles lived a few miles, from the coral reef where Sushi lived. It always took forever to get to them so the likelihood of Sushi seeing her friends was very small. “Wait, Mom?” Sushi exclaimed “Yes, honey?” Mom yelled a little bit aggravated this time. “How are they going to get here” Sushi yelled “I guess we can pick them up!” Mom replied, “I need to go that way anyway, we need to pick up the red seaweed from the, Red Market. “Thank you, mom!” Sushi yelled This is going to be the best day ever! Sushi thought. After a few hours of endless waiting, Sushi’s mom, finally called her down. Sushi quickly swam down the stairs of her house. “I'm ready!” Sushi exclaimed, completely out of breath. “Haha. Okay, let's go sweetie!” Mom giggled. The drive was long, but

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