A Critical Analysis Of Futility And 21 Guns

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As of 2015, 75% of people reportedly listen to music on a daily basis. In contrast, only a small 6.7% of people read poetry yearly (Ingraham, 2015). These statistics prove poems are becoming outdated, so to rectify this, I will be speaking about the relevancy of poems still to this day, by comparing it to a contemporary song. Good morning Power of the Poem, the poem and song I will be comparing are Futility and 21 Guns. Futility is a poem by the famous poet, Wilfred Owen. Wilfred illustrates a comrade attempting to awake a fallen fellow soldier, however, as the title suggests, the attempt is futile. The poem emphasises the pointlessness of war. Therefore to reinforce the relevancy of poems, I will be comparing it to the song 21 Guns by Green Day. 21 Guns also talks about the unnecessariness of war and repeatedly asks the reader the point of war to ‘lay down their arms’. Therefore, the theme of my poem and song is that war is gratuitous and unnecessary, therefore fighting should cease because war is inessential. I will be explaining the relevancy of the poem, Futility by describing the tone, language and sound devices used, and comparing it to the tone, language, and sound devices in the song 21 Guns. The tone shown in Futility begins in the first stanza as optimistic and hopeful, however this tone changes to negative and angry in the second stanza. The first stanza being positive, evidentially shows the soldiers attempting to awaken their comrade, have hope for the rising

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