A Cultural Metaphor For Germany Essay

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This paper will describe Christmas in Germany as a cultural metaphor for Germany. In this research paper I will include all of the characteristics of a German Christmas and explain all of the traditions that we try to mimick here in the United States. I will breakdown the culture of Germany and all of the holiday traditions that they celebrate during the Christmas season. The paper will highlight how we as Americans view Christmas in Germany.
Advent Wreath - Der Adventskranz & Advent Calendar - Der Adventskalender The Advent calendar starts on the Sunday after November 26th. This is the time that is devoted for Christmas preparations. After four Advent Sundays are over, there follows Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Advent calendar hangs above childrens beds. The calendar has small numbers on the pictures, numbered 1-24. Wherever the numbers are there are small paper windows, which you will open to find a picture on a translucent paper. The children open these every morning and then they know how many days there are left until Christmas. Apart from the Advent calendar, families have Advent wreaths. These wreaths are made up of holly flowers and bound fir twigs and are placed on a table with four red candles placed in the center. One of the candles is lit on each Sunday preceding Christmas, with the last one being on Christmas Eve. No one knows when the Advent wreath originated in Germany. The Sunday before Advent you will see these wreaths at the local

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