A Dark Gloomy Night By Leonardo Da Vinci

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On a dark gloomy night in the middle of field in Paris, it was drizzling. This field appeared to be no different from any other that is until a ghost ascended out of the ground. This ghost was Leonardo Da Vinci and he had returned for a purpose. To steal the Mona Lisa, why, well you’re going to have to figure that out.
In the bustling city of Paris it was getting chilly, the wind whipped my long black hair around as I stood in front of the newspaper machine. I was just about to insert a shiny quarter when she heard someone yell at her. “Nicole! Guess what,” my friend Melodie screamed from across the street, “Someone stole a painting at the Louvre. Come here it’s in the paper.” She hurriedly gestured for me to cross the street. I sighed disappointedly as I trudged across the street, pulling my furry coat around myself tighter. I glared at my slightly short friend; her short light brown hair was violently whipping around her head. Her light blue eyes were practically glowing. “What painting,” I asked in submitance because I knew she wouldn’t give up. “The Mona Lisa, you probably haven’t heard of it,” Melodie said disappointedly. Melodie worked at the café next to the famous Louvre museum, so naturally she would be the first on to hear about it. “It’s the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci with the woman on the dreary background and she’s kind of smiling,” She explained excitedly. I looked at her in question,

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