Moral Theories: Absolutism And Relativism

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Comparison of Moral Theories
A discussion of moral theories must begin with a discussion of the two extremes of ethical thinking, absolutism and relativism. Moral Absolutism is the belief that there are absolute standards where moral questions are judged and can be deemed right or wrong, regardless of the context. Steadfast laws of the universe, God, nature itself are the forces that deem an action right or wrong. A person’s actions rather than morals and motivations are important in an Absolutism proposition. Moral Relativism states, that the moral propositions are based on Ethical relativism is the theory that holds that morality is relative to the norms of one's culture. That is, whether an action is right or wrong depends on the …show more content…

The study of morality is performed through descriptive approach or philosophical approach consisting of normative or prescriptive ethics. One approach says that people should always act in the own self- interest (Individual Ethical Egoism), its premise being everyone should act to my own best interest. There also are those who believe that a person should act in their own interest only (Personal Ethical Egoism) and the third belief is (Universal Ethical Egoism) based on the premise that everyone should act in their own self-interest regardless of others. I assume that you can see the glaring flaws in each of these theories. In comparison, each of these theories calls for a narrow-minded focus on one person, which does not leave room to practice humanity for all. By thinking only the self, there is not room for personal or cultural growth and necessary tolerance to advance societal cooperation. Ethical egoism is an inconsistent theory as it lacks the ability to be considered a “moral” theory because it is not applicable to ALL human beings. Therefore, Egoism lies in the underbelly of ethical theory for practioners find it necessary to carry on their unpopular belief in secret. Lying, deception and dishonesty is not tenant of any moral theory so Egoism is inconsistent. Universal egoism is the most commonly offered by egoist because its’ universally based, applicable to all. Universal egoist feel that

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