A Doll House Character Analysis

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Kara Taylor- James
Logan Oliver
ENGL 1312 66
9 December 2017
Nora Helmer
It is human nature that when first meeting someone that you remain cautious or reserved. It is not until you are comfortable with that new person until your guard comes down and you really get to know someone. After becoming friends, a person will usually let you in on some secrets or stories of their past but when a person feels threaten the first defense is to lie. In Henrik Ibsen’s play “A doll’s House” we learn all about Mrs. Nora Helmer. As the play begins she is looking forward to Christmas with her family but with money being tight she looks for a way to “help” the family with finances only to end up in a bigger mess. Nora finds out that secrets and lies shape a person into who they are and affect how they are treated.
Nora Helmer, the wife of a Lawyer is treated as though she is insignificant and uneducated. Nora Helmer is seemly carefree about life in the first act, but behaves frantically in the second, and then gains a sense of reality during Part three of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll’s House. In the first part of the play, Nora exhibits many childish characteristics such as tossing her head around saying that Mrs. Linde would do better if she could just run off to a bathing spa, instead of dealing with any real life problems (Ibsen 1196). Once she returns from what seems to be an expensive shopping trip with lots of packages she eats a few of the desserts she has secretly purchased while out and

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