A Driver 's License For Undocumented Immigrants

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Secondly, by getting a driver 's license, undocumented drivers will contribute to the State Revenue through taxes and related market by expanding the insurance auto sales, the driving schools market. The majority of undocumented people came in the U.S. unknown well as the ' 'land of free and full of opportunity ' ' to find a better life and future for themselves and their families. So, having a driver 's license will allow them to get more jobs and be more productive members in our economy as a driving license is required for many jobs in Massachusetts. Vermont issued driver 's license to undocumented immigrants because most of them work on dairy farms, which are a substantial contribution to Vermont 's economy. This privilege ensured …show more content…

illegally with tremendous benefits. Edmund Kozak, political reporter for in an article on April 8, 2016 ' 'States to Illegal Aliens Welcome ' ' argued that unfortunately, many States have decided to go into the business of encouraging illegal immigration. Some 605,000 of the roughly 1.4 million driver 's license issue in California last year went to illegal aliens. Kozak said that the cost of the processing of the new applicants is estimated at $ 141 million over three years. This cost will be supported by the legal citizens of California because the State did not require those undocumented to pay taxes. Undoubtedly, these allegations might be dictated by the stereotypes which are used against undocumented immigrants, and unfortunately, many people are blinded by the ' 'single story ' ' about these hardworking people. If legal citizens paid for the fees related to driving licenses, why would it be different for undocumented drivers? If undocumented people accepted to work and pay federal taxes without the same benefits as other legal workers, why would they not pay for their driving license? In States that issue permits to undocumented aliens, the policy has largely self-funded; i.e., fees collected from applicants pay for the costs of issuing the permit explained in the Boston Editorial Immigration has Nothing to do with Driving Skills. Based on that, it is clear that the license would not be funded by the State but by the applicants themselves.

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