A Dystopian Society In The Giver, By Lois Lowry

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A Dystopian Society Imagine living a world where your community is secluded from others, everything is supposed to be perfect, your life is planned out from the very start, leaving you without a choice in what you want to do. While rereading The Giver, by Lois Lowry, I noticed that I really like the way the story is set up and foreshadows later events. The first few chapters heavily focus on hitting a few main points that end up making sense later as the story unfolds, and setting the tone for the story. When it comes to how the story is set up and how the first few chapters set the tone, there are times when a character thinks or says something that make you think about the society they live in and how different it is from our lives. For example, very early on, they mention these speakers that go off to make announcements and remind everyone about rather odd rules. One announcement stated “ATTENTION. THIS IS A REMINDER TO FEMALES UNDER NINE THAT HAIR RIBBONS ARE TO BE NEATLY TIED AT ALL TIMES.” (Lowry 28). This announcement is odd due to the fact that is tells us that in this society, all females under age nine need to wear hair ribbons and keep them neatly tied all day. Something else that is interesting about the world in The Giver is that age marks when certain things happen in your life, such as being able to ride a bicycle but also, is very meaningless after age 12. Certain ages bring new things to the children’s lives such as a bicycle, no longer being able to have

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