A False Image Of Freedom : The American Dream

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A False Image of Freedom: The American Dream The American Dream has been a beacon of hope for people in the US for decades now, and has inspired them to seek a lifestyle that excels their current one. However, this idealistic belief possesses a biased and dishonest nature that is undetectable to those blinded by this idea . F. Scott Fitzgerald, through his novel The Great Gatsby, lifts the veil on this American Nightmare, and shows readers it’s true nature. Rooted directly to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the concept of the American Dream claims that all men are born equal and possess the right to pursue happiness through hard work and dedication. In spite of its reputation, this false perception of freedom, in many cases, is unjust, futile, and more closely related to one’s relations rather than dedication. In accordance to the setting of The Great Gatsby, the postulate that states everyone has an equal chance at achieving the American Dream is proven false, as one’s gender and ethnicity can greatly alter their chances at success. In The Great Gatsby, an overall disrespect is held for those with a different cultural background, compared to the background of the main characters, preventing them from achieving the American Dream. Tom Buchanan is one of the characters that directly expresses his feelings on different cultural backgrounds through his words to other characters. He considers himself to be “the dominant race” (13), and expresses his negative feelings
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