A Film On The Melting Ice Caps Essay

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Reina of Antarctica
I propose a film on the melting ice caps, using the character Reina as the reason that they are melting. She will be the reason for melting the ice caps due to humans came to her home and drill for oil where she lives. I chose to have both Greek and Japanese mythology because I thought it would be a great idea to see how the two cultures will come together. Since both countries are known by many people all around the world and because they are surrounded by the sea these two countries would be the first to be swallowed by the sea that surrounds then due to the melted ice caps. The ending is supposed to represent the ice caps still melting now. The government that is going to sponsor the drilling company will be the English because the English are newer at drilling than the United States, since they are new at drilling they were exploited by the company.
Antarctica, extremely cold and the home of penguins, and huge icebergs. The home of the princess of the cold, Reina. She wears what a normal teenager may wear during the summer. Yet, it is during the winter and she doesn’t mind it. It is during the third quarter of year, so it is extremely cold and -72 degrees Fahrenheit. She is friends with all the animals near her home. She is a beautiful young woman who transforms into a monster when she is upset.
Reina is always confused with a Greek goddess due to how beautiful she is, yet she was made into a monster by Hera, wife of Zeus and the goddess of child

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