A Fundamental Freedom

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Since the industrial revolution, unions have played an increasingly powerful role in the workplace. Unions began as workers who organized groups in order to negotiate for better working conditions, higher wages, and greater benefits. As time has passed, unions have grown larger and have become extremely active in the political realm. As the unions’ powers have grown, especially in the public sector, they have been able to commandeer legislation requiring public workers to pay union dues in order to keep their jobs. This insures the unions remain powerful and guaranteeing their ability to continually request greater benefits. Unfortunately, this stands in the way of the workers fundamental right to choose. For example, workers who do …show more content…
Many people argue that without unions, workers will once again face poor working conditions and low pay. Fortunately, in the modern era, there are already laws and regulations that protect working conditions and pay scales. Should circumstances ever return to the horrendous conditions that once plagued the workplace, there would be no law barring public workers from rejoining unions of their own free will. It is important to recognize that needs and conditions are not fixed, but are ever-changing with the time period. Just because unions once played a major role in advocating for workers, does not mean that they will always be a necessity. While unions were once a powerful tool in providing safe working conditions and better pay to underrepresented workers, they have grown increasingly powerful and now require workers to join as a condition of employment. This is a violation of worker’s personal freedoms and often causes negative side effects. Decreased productivity, poor worker quality, and waste of public resources are all problems engendered by public sector unions and their ability to force workers into membership. Right to work laws do not prohibit one from joining a union they merely allow the individual to choose their affiliations and what they would like to support. Workers should not be forced into associations, groups, or unions in order to insure their
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