A Good Man Is Hard To Find Conflict

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Kaitlyn Cantwell
Dr. Smith
30 Jan 2016

“A Good Man is Hard to Find”
1.) As I read the first few paragraphs on page 405 I see there being potential conflict with the grandmother’s negative attitude towards the trip to Florida. I could feel the tension between the grandmother and her family members, especially with her son. I expect the grandmother to try and find reasons for the family to leave Florida in hopes that they will go to Tennessee. I predict that along with the grandmother’s outrageous attempts to get the family to leave, there will be a lot of conflict between the family and something bad will occur.
2.) The inciting incident in this story is the grandmother’s negative reaction to going to Florida for vacation. …show more content…

I expected the killer and the grandmother to both encounter a change. The grandmother did and when this occurred I expected the murderer to have a change in heart also, so when “The Misfit” ended up killing her anyway, I was quite surprised. From my past experiences with stories, the characters usually go through a change. However, the killer did not and even shot the grandmother at the point where she was the most caring. I was trying to be optimistic that the ending would be happier but I was …show more content…

The internal conflict with her selfishness is solved through her kindness to a man who is a murderer, but the external conflict between her and the killer is solved with her death. I was satisfied with the resolution of the internal conflict of the grandmother because it made her a much more likeable character as she showed her compassion. However, I was not expecting her to die which I wasn’t as pleased with because she had just undergone such a significant change in the story. The situation at the end was much different than the beginning. At the beginning, the grandmother was selfish and judgmental and also alive. At the end of the story she was caring and sensitive towards a killer which was a large change and her along with the rest of her family were shot and killed.
7.) I think that there was significance in the pace of action that the grandmother was talking to “The Misfit”. A good majority of the story was placed at the end when there was the most happening. The author spent the majority of the story focusing on the grandmother and how she attempted to change the killer’s mind which lead to a change within herself. There was also significance in the order that this story was told in like with the foreshadowing about the escaped convict and the flashbacks with the stories that the grandmother

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