A Great Fear Of Mine

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I admit that a great fear of mine prior to death is pain. In this week’s readings, I really contemplated on how pain can “be our greatest teacher” (Halifax 71). In the past, I have gone through some painful physical experiences, however, none of those instances were especially significant. What I underwent included headaches and stomachaches in which I did not even need to be hospitalized. Although, like many people, most of my greatest pain came emotionally. For instance, my greatest moments of pain occurred during my maternal grandmother’s cancer treatment. It was hard to initially hear about her cancer, and I tried to maintain my expressions while talking to her. But lastly, I felt very suffocated during her death. Nonetheless, through …show more content…

I was able to become calm when I focused on the stress, and I got to the root of what was giving me so much negativity. Additionally, there was a small, physical pain that occurred on the side of my head from a showerhead that fell on me. This was not a serious issue, but the event did increase the pain I usually feel from overthinking. The pain from the drop on top of my stress prevented me from accomplishing any work and I had a headache the day after it happened. Therefore, by concentrating on that pain, I was able to let it be while continuing on with my day. The sensation of the pain was reduced, becoming less intense. However, I believe that at first, the quality of the pain was severe enough that it hindered me from giving my attention to the activities I was doing or the people who were talking to me. As I accepted what my experience might be, I repeated the phrase, “May I realize that this pain is not permanent.” This phrase is true, for in many instances, I have believed that the one I was experiencing at the time was truly difficult. However, each time, I overcame that event. Therefore, I know that pain is not permanent because even though I may be feeling my worst in a certain moment, I know that the feelings will come to pass. Also, I know that with my abilities, I will be able to surpass the pain and move on because I have survived past challenges. Consequently, from the meditation and the realization that I have overcame difficult, past events, I

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