A Hero Can Have a Flaw

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What makes a hero? Most people will immediately imagine a superhero, unbeatable athlete or noble warrior. Despite their superhuman achievements, they all have something in common with even the meekest people-- a flaw.These flaws give us a chance of becoming heroes ourselves. We are all humans and make mistakes, so their are no chances of a perfect hero. However, if a perfect hero does exist, his or her good qualities may become a flaw in a certain situation. Like a person who sees all good in people is naive and tended to be taken advantage of. So, it is incorrect to conclude that a hero can only be a hero if he or she is without a flaw. In addition, one of the heroes major achievements are overcoming or trying to overcome their flaw. One might be afraid of water but try to overcome it, in order to save a person.
According to Alex Lickerman “the willingness to make a personal sacrifice for the benefit of others” (page 1) is what makes a hero. Which means the action itself and not the hero, make him or her heroic. For example “single mothers who deny themselves vacations, clothes and even food to send their children to college” (Lickerman, page 2). These mothers are not flawless or perfect, but are considered heroic. Every mistake a hero makes, are made with the wish to help others. This proves that anyone can be heroes as long as they serve others at a cost to themselves. Not only can heroes have flaws but they are even better with ones. Heroes with flaws show that

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