A Historical Overview Of Julius Caesar Essay

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A Historical Overview of Julius Caesar (Shakespeare style)
The fate of a nation determined by one man. With classic alliances and betrayals, the tale of Julius Caesar is still regarded as one of the greatest betrayals in human history. The fate of Rome was heading toward a dictatorship. Only the Roman Republic could stop Julius Caesar from ruling Rome. Little did the Roman Republic know that this assassination would later cause Octavian Caesar to become the first Emperor of the Roman Empire in 27 B.C.E. There is much to know about Julius Caesar. He was raised as a military man at a young age from his father who would eventually pass away on Caesar’s sixteenth birthday. He also created the first governing triumvirate (Roman Republic) in 60 B.C.E.
Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare credits his historical accuracy to Plutarch. Shakespeare is known to “focus on the underlying character strengths and weaknesses, as well as the motives that Plutarch noted in many of the great ancient leaders” (Hacht). Shakespeare created in-depth characters through inspiration from Chaucer’s writing. Shakespeare is able to use historical content from Plutarch and character analysis from studying Chaucer to give his characters three-dimensional human qualities that audience members can relate to. Shakespeare also uses this story to put political views inside his play. Historically, England’s literature and culture were thriving during Shakespeare’s lifetime. He took classic historical stories

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