A Lesson Before Dying By Ernest J. Gaines

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“A Lesson Before Dying” is known as an outstanding book, in which I would have to agree on. The book has many excellent messages and morals throughout its entirety, But no other message speaks out more than the message of “Becoming a Man” and the obstacles you must first tackle before achieving that message. The author of “A Lesson Before Dying”, Ernest J. Gaines, expresses this throughout the book immensely. In many ways also making this the theme of the book.

Miss Emma says at the beginning of the book “I didn’t raise no hog, and I don’t want no hog to go set in that chair. I want a man to go set in that chair”(Gaines Pg 20). What does Miss Emma mean by this? What Miss Emma wants is for Jefferson to think of himself as a real man , and Not this “hog” that the attorney deemed Jefferson out to be during the trial. Miss Emma wants Jefferson to think that he is not worthless, and that Jefferson means something to the world. Miss Emma wants to show that while raising Jefferson that it was proper and the ways of a true man.

For Jefferson to truly become a man first, Grant mostly know as “ The Teacher” must change emotionally and mentally, so that Grant can teach Jefferson in the right way. In a way in which to have Jefferson believe in the teaching and preaching Grant is enlisting in Jefferson . Emotionally Grant must stop being so hard on himself and just try to rekindle or reconnect with Jefferson. In which making Jefferson start to believe in the teachings of “ How…
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