A Letter Request For The Termination Of The Board

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To members of the board this is a letter to inform you that we gave Dr. Mishap a 4 months’ notice that we are not going to renew his contract, because we have decided to take his department in a new direction. In retaliation Dr. Mishap has informed us of his intention to sue for injury and damages. These are the three options that we would like for the board to consider and give your feedback on which course of action you would like to take.
This option deals with resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. They take their disputes to an arbitrator who looks over the evidence, listens to each parties’ side of the story and makes a decision. Process is not as formal as when attending a courtroom or trial and is less expensive, but more invasive than mediation or negotiation.
- Avoids hostility- Both parties are encouraged to work together by participating fully and come up with a resolution without escalating anger and hostility toward each other as in litigation. Attorneys are hire to help through arbitration if the dispute involves $10,000 or less, most individuals choose to take this process on alone with just receiving guidance from the arbitrator.
- Usually cheaper than litigation- More lawyers are getting involved in arbitration cases and are charging $3,000 -$4,000 per day for their services.
- Faster than litigation- According the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services it takes approximately 475 days from filing to decision in an

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