A Link Between Genetics And Gangliosidosis

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Neurodegenerative Disorders:
A link between genetics and gangliosidosis.
A Review of the Literature
Douglas Gilkinson
Mercyhurst University – North East Campus

Author Note
This paper was prepared for English 120 – Writing and Research, taught by Mrs. Matz.

Abstract There is a growing need for treatment of gangliosidoses, or the increase in lipid storage in cells. Diseases such as Tay-Sach’s, Sandhoff disease, Alzheimer’s and HIV are at the forefront of research into how these cells affect different aspects of the body. Gangliosides, the cells that store lipids, are often found in neural tissue. This is the basis for research into these diseases and possible treatment. This review examines the causes of such neurological disorders and the expanding research into treatment.
Genetics and Gangliosidosis
A Review of the Literature Gangliosidosis is a lipid storage disorder caused by the accumulation of lipids known as gangliosides. Studies have concluded that gangliosides are at the root of several neurological disorders, including Tay-Sach’s disease, Sandhoff disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, various cancers, and HIV. This literature review will explore how gangliosides affect the nervous system by answering the following:
1. What are the root causes of gangliosidoses?
2. What specific disorders and diseases can be caused by gangliosides?
3. What therapies have been studied to help resolve these disorders?…
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