A.M Cassandre

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The intention of this essay is to discuss an example of design from the early 1900’s. The design I am currently looking at is a poster called ‘Bugatti’ designed in 1925 by a graphic designer and typographer, A.M. Cassandre. His real name is Adolph Mouron, born on 1901 in Ukraine to French parents. He believed that “Designing a poster means solving a technical and commercial problem...in a language that can be understood by the common man." As a young man, Cassandre moved to Paris where he studied fine art at the École des Beaux-Arts and at the Académie Julian .The popularity of posters as advertising gave him an opportunity to work for a Parisian printing house.

Aldolphe began his career with poster making which
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The first thing that attracted my eye was the horse, then the wheel. Nevertheless, I still like the fact that the horse stands out in this image. The tone in this image is mostly dark, except the inner lines of the wheel which is brilliant white, I think that after the horse attracting the human eye first; the colour of the wheel draws you’re eye to it and makes you look at it for longer and keeps the viewer intrigued. The artist used an interesting type font in this poster, however I do not think he designed this font himself. The typography he used integrates with the design. He designed quite a few different typefaces of his own, two of them are very popular. ‘Bifur’ is a font with very bold capitals and is the only typeface with a distinct Bauhaus look. His more famous typeface is ‘Peignot Light‘, which is named after Charles Peignot who commissioned both typefaces and was a major promoter of innovation in typography.

Personally, I think that the type of font he used for ‘Bugatti’ suits the design itself very well. I think that this poster done the job it was designed for perfectly and complements the smooth texture of the design.

On the whole, I think Cassandra’s design is very creative, it is magnetic and an alternative design which is a pleasure to look at. His use of creativity and imagination draws me to the poster and I really like it. I
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