A Man Sits On Death Row Essay

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Imagine this. A man sits on death row for ten years awaiting his untimely and detrimental fate. He is charged with murdering his wife in a gruesome fashion and unfortunately, the crime was committed in Missouri: a state that upholds the death penalty. He no longer has feelings. He has given up everything. He is seated on a cold, hard table in a stark white room with prison officials surrounding him. This is the moment his life comes to an end. The needle is injected into his body, and before he realizes it is happening, he drifts into a dreamlike state. The muscles in his body go numb and he becomes paralyzed. Then, he is gone. For the ten years this man sat upon death row and the three years prior to which he was sentenced to his punishment, he never regretted not taking the plea he was offered. He refused because he knew he was innocent. He never killed his wife, but the evidence, most of which was circumstantial, racked against him and even his attorney was defenseless. There was no convincing the jury of his innocence, despite the fact that he would never harm his wife. The federal government just spent millions of dollars to kill this man, making it even more impossible than it already is to pay off their trillions of dollars in national debt. The family members who knew he was innocent are grieving his absence and the injustice they face. Most importantly, however, the amount of wrongfully convicted people who faced capital punishment just increased. The death

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