A Modern Day Setback That Affects The Majority Of Americans

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A modern day setback that affects the majority of Americans today is tuition and at the current rate of inflation, it will affect the upcoming generation. Imagine yourself as an 18-year-old high school student thinking about your future and college. In this situation, you are the student who gets excellent grades and works hard but isn’t financially stable. You, like lots of others, have dreamed of pursuing your education at the schools you have been accepted to but, you have come to the conclusion that it’s not possible for you to attend those schools because of your financial situation. Thus, you’re forced to attend a community college or take out loans that will leave you in debt for a sustained amount of time and you’ll stay hoping for …show more content…

When dealing with a problem, the best approach towards solving is to find and fix the root of the problem. So why is college tuition, so high? One reason is the loss of state funding. The lucky generation are the baby boomers in how they benefited from state funding which made it easier to attend college (Campos). Colleges relied heavily on state funding and they had to find a way to make up for all the money they stopped receiving. The best solution was to raise tuition every year and this sparked the inflation that millions of people deal with every year. Tuition used to be affordable and more people were able to graduate as a result. So now that people are forced to pay much more in tuition, it’s safe to assume that every bit of that extra money is being used to enhance students’ education. Sadly this is false and here’s the reason why. The maintenance and supervision of a college is handled by college administrators. Several years ago, there were not a handful of administrators that worked present on campus, but as time progressed more and more administrators were being hired. These administrators get paid very well and its part of the reason why tuition is high (Ginsberg). Overall, tuition has reached an all-time high and without a doubt this causes a lot of struggles for students and parents.
A majority of students who attend college are

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