A Mothers Love Lost

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A mothers love lost Having a mother 's love is like an essential part of staying alive. Without a mother 's love it’s kind of hard to survive the unbarring trials that life has to throw at you. I have been struggling without the love of my mother for about nine and a half years and not one thing has changed. I’m still upset about the fact where I use to have days filled with love and laughter to days that are now filled with unwanted tears and regret. This is an emotional essay of the things that my mother and I went through to finally come to the conclusion that our relationship vanished within midair. Losing a mother’s love is a terrible thing to lose. At one point of time, I use to know how strong and great a mother’s love can be.…show more content…
The next month I told my teacher what had happened and she sent me to my guidance counselor. I was told that I had to tell everything that happened. That day I was told that everything was going to be okay, but it wasn’t. An investigation was ordered and everything came up negative. That’s when my relationship with my mom became sour. The police had ordered her to choose to keep me in the house or to keep my stepdad in the house, but both of us were not allowed to stay in the same house. My mother did the unthinkable and chose her husband over me. My heart broke and I just felt as if my mother did not love me anymore. My stepdad had convinced my mother that I was telling a lie, and when my mother makes up her mind, that’s the end of discussing it any further. I was forced to stay with my grandparents, and my mother did not want to see me and she didn’t want my brother to be around me. As time moved further our family started to split apart, and it was because of me. I felt as though I was the blame for everything that was going wrong in my family. Instead of expressing my feelings in the right way, I showed them in school, but it was the wrong way. I started becoming disrespectful, and I started looking at life a different way. I got to the point where if my mom didn’t love me or care about me, why should anybody else care or love me. I began to turn people away and I just wanted to be by myself. It’s 2011 and the relationship with my mom has not changed. I
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