A Narrative Assessment Curriculum For Students

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A narrative assessment curriculum would relieve help to relieve much of this stress, because many more factors determining the comprehension of the student would be considered. Feedback would be given by the teacher, guiding the student to help her understand which areas she would need to focus on and which areas she exceled. This stimulates cognitive growth and self-discovery, unimpeded by standardized expectations and demands. As student participating in this type of curriculum would be allowed to explore more challenging courses, without the worry that a failed class would result in the withdrawal of a scholarship or the decline of a college application. Through narrative assessment, her metacognitive abilities would grow and develop, making her a greater contribution to society. In educational battlefields, the two main opponents are those who favor an A-F grading scale and those who favor a Pass/Fail curriculum. Both of these propositions have merit, but by different mediums both assessment models essentially lead to the same end: students performing far below the potential they possess. In multi-tiered A-F grading scale, students are motivated to get the highest grade. Assessment is obtained through testing, and a letter or percentage is assigned to the level of understanding. In this scale, assignments are standardized, everyone learns the same thing despite variance in learning styles and interest levels. Those who have better memorization skills normally outperform
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