A Nation Of Laws For America

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July 4, 1776; Independence day, the day America became its own independent nation from the rule of King George III of Great Britain. With the new country, the Founding Fathers believed it to be best to have law governing the nation instead of man governing the nation. The Founding Fathers wanted a nation of laws due to their experiences with King George III and his unfair rulings. With this, though some people would disagree, it would create what the United States of America is today; a nation of law, protecting the people’s civil freedoms. What exactly led the Founding Fathers to their idea of a nation of laws for America? In 1765, the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was an act that was implemented in the American colonies that required most printed material to be taxed. The American colonies believed this to be unfair because they did not have a say in the taxation. After months of protesting, the act was vetoed, but a new act was implemented into the colonies in 1773. This act, the Tea Act, forced the colonists to purchase tea from one and only one company. These were the sparks that would soon start a revolution. This is the result of being ruled by man. Because of this, because the Founding Fathers did not want a repeat of what happened with Great Britain, because the Founding Fathers knew that there would be corruption if a nation is ruled by man, they chose America to be a nation to be ruled by law; a nation of laws. Being a nation of laws has
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