A New Alliance For A Future North American Union

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The three relatively unpopular governments presently enthroned in Washington, Ottawa and Mexico City, joined in very large companies, most of them American, to establish the foundation for a future North American Union. This is a new alliance of permanent type within which the Americans have a de facto predominant influence. It would force Canada and Mexico to harmonize many laws and regulations in the interests of the world of "Big Business" and those of US administrations primarily concerned with their imperial ambitions and undemocratic worldwide. It is obvious that such a continental thrust integration plan, both economically and politically, is substantially different from the original idea of fair and free trade in goods and services, through the abolition tariff and non-tariff barriers between the countries of the hemisphere. This idea first took shape with the free trade agreement of 1988 between Canada and the United States. Subsequently, in 1994, Canada had to accept that Mexico is joining the North American Free Trade Agreement, also forcing him to make substantial concessions on the application of the Investment Canada Act, which governs foreign takeovers of Canadian companies, in addition to ensuring the US privileged access to Canadian energy resources. All this should have been enough to open the US market to Canadian companies. It seems, however, that this is not the case. Large corporations and the US government want to use the pretext of fighting terrorism

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