A New Form Of Energy

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Oil drove the industrial revolution and brought civilization a step forward, but so much money should not be spent on something that is quickly running out or that is doubling in price. Oil has brought civilization towards greatness, developed countries, and even brought them back from the brink of poverty. Society has lived off of fossil fuels for the past hundred years powering cities and driving it forward towards great innovations. Such as the car engine, electricity, the power of flight, and the power to globalize trade worldwide. With a growing dependence in oil and natural gas, the supply is quickly diminishing and prices are soaring causing countries to invest billions and create global environmental changes. A new form of energy…show more content…
Oil supply is decreasing and with the great number of oil dependence in this country, some of the American people’s hope that the new bill called the Keystone XL project is pass in order to help Americans resupply their oil. According to Valerie Volcovici of the Chicago Tribune, the Keystone XL project will pipeline Canada to the United States and be able to bring down oil shale or oil sand down to our refineries for processing, oil shale is basically oil stuck between the pores of sand and rock (Volcovici). This project will not only be expensive, it will also be bad for the environment, In order to get the oil shale, one must strip the land of its entire soil foundation which causes mass environment and land change. This bill would also be hypocritical of president Barack Obama. In the president’s inaugural address, he stated that America’s growing price on gas, its dependence, as well as the issue of global climate change. His plans on passing this bill, all that he stated would be implausible. With many people supporting and opposing the president 's bill, “this is the one of the most scrutinized infrastructure project in our nation’s history,” according to the president of building and construction, Sean McGarvey (qtd. In Valerie Volcovici). The Keystone XL project is not the only way America can loosen its death grip on oil refineries in the Middle East. Other ways of obtaining
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